The Best New Underground Bands – Who Shall You Stream?

No Sure of Who to Stream Online? Let Us Guide You Through the Best New Emerging Acts – Underground Style

Cutting this list down to a few paragraphs was almost impossible, little known only 3!? However, with some help from our editor Tom, we have been able to really narrow down your top 3 online streaming targets for Spotify and Apple music for 2017.

Number 1: The Aces – Four Girls Who Rule The World “Four girls about to rule the world” – This Utah pop-rock outfit consists of Cristal Ramirez (vocals, guitar), Katie Henderson (guitar, vocals), McKenna Petty (bass) and Alisa Ramirez (drums). One o the most amazing things about this band is how their production, media and everything for that matter is entirely in-house. Alisa (drummer) actually directed the video for their debut single Stuck, released in May 2016. It’s summer 70’s vibes really put us in our place and dare we say it feels like a female Two Door Cinema Club! The awesome foursome has recently signed to Red Bull Records and released their EP I Don’t Like Being Honest in June of 2017.

Number 2: George Cosby

Have we introduced you to the dark and eerie vocal tones of George Cosby? Hailing from South London, George is your new favourite male vocalist (so far), deriving from influences as diverse as Jeff Buckley, The National, Eddie Vedder and Bon Iver. George has finally just released his debut EP, Human Touch which is absolutely sky rocking the airwaves. This has also led George to play pretty massive festivals such as Live At Leeds and Latitude. Peep Coby’s new video below:

Number 3: Japanese House 

Last but certainly not least is Buckinghamshire-born Amber Bain. Fresh from her tour with label mates and pals the 1975, this young chick has no plans of slowing down. Having written her firsts song at just 12 years old, it would be a downright offence to not feature her latest work here.



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How to Sift Through The Mess – Artist Selection

How to Sift and Find the Best Artists for Your Playlist or Private Mixtape

Tips by Tom

There is just too much music!

With the sites like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal, it’s overwhelming the amount of music that we can listen to day in day out. Whether it’s through playlists, shared networks, channels across Youtube or simply the same repetitive sounds they play on the radio, it’s too much!

Lucky I’m here to guide you through this crazy, scary forest called the music industry. Now if you haven’t picked it up already, this post is targeted towards curators and if you don’t know what a curator is then it’s basically anyone that is making a living right now critiquing music. Maybe you run a blog, Youtube channel and/or playlist. No matter what the platform, people are looking to you for what’s next! What is the best new music, new emerging artists? It’s on you, friend. So if that isn’t you, then feel free to read on anyway.

Now let’s clear something up here, the most important tip in curation. Are you ready for it?

There is no winning formula for this!

That’s right. I made some click bait, got you to this post just to tell you the secret the curation is there is no secret. Well, I’m sorry (partly), you see good music curation really just comes down to the attitude you approach music and that is to be hungry for it. Don’t just listen to the radio, or skim through playlists on Spotify. Get hungry for it, go to bars, clubs, shows that no one has even heard of yet. Our role as curators is to find the gold out there, not suck up to bands that are already making 6 figures.

So I’m sorry if you feel annoyed and robbed by this. But I’m going to leave you with one tip and one tip only. Differ from the rest, be the wolf and not the sheep.


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